On Being in the Moment

My husband went to enjoy an extraordinarily rare Guys’ Night with a dear friend, and so I found myself with an evening on my own. There are only two days left until the end of classes, and I am mentally and physically spent. It has been a good semester, but one that has taken a toll on me. I knew just what I needed to recharge my batteries-  I took the dogs, a good book, and headed to the top deck.    

 The evening was perfect; gorgeous views and glorious weather accompanied by the most beautiful birdsong.  

As I sat looking out at the city and all of the lushness of the trees that had recently exploded into Spring joy, I realized that- at least for a brief time- I was living in the moment. I let the sounds and the bounty of nature wash over me, feeling such gratitude for my home and my life. I appreciated the infinite shades of green of the trees, watched the wood bees buzz as my Border Collie Sophie chased them, and appreciated the lovely serenade of the many varieties of birds. 

 The top deck is a touchstone for me, a place where I am reminded of my blessings, reminded to stop and be grateful for them all. I watched the shifting light as twilight approached, the birds continuing to sing joyfully. I thought about my promise to myself to come up here more often, to not always give way to the frantic go go go of my normal schedule. So often we let ourselves worry about the past that we can’t change and the future that we can’t predict. Life happens now. I so want to remember that and truly immerse myself in the experience of living. This evening was a good start.   

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