On That Fifteen Seconds of Fame

Life is really funny, and sometimes it just downright makes me shake my head in amazement. I wrote last week about the surprising and serendipitous trading in of both of our cars and the purchase of two new Mini Coopers. I have to admit that I’m still in shock- but I’m enjoying the ride – literally and figuratively. I have especially enjoyed seeing my husband absolutely light up as he he speeds around town in this little roadster with the top down. As for myself, I’m grateful to be back on the road in a car that I trust. I did have to bling it out just a little bit, going back to add the Union Jack mirror covers. 

At lunch a few days after we bought the cars, Dan excitedly said, 

Honey- you’re not going to believe this. Bill from Mini of Birmingham called and asked if we’d like to be in a commercial they are making. 

I did our usual homage to Seinfeld –

Get out!

Sure enough, because we were such enthusiastic Mini owners and had just bought our cars, they thought we would be a perfect fit for the commercial. We decided it would be a great adventure and agreed to join in on the fun, heading over to Mini the very next morning. 

Ready! Going for a (hopefully) fun and funky vibe. :))

The commercial was going to be about the Mini Clubman and the overall experience of shopping for cars at Mini of Birmingham. The salesman in the commercial was our own salesman, Bill, who did such a great job for us last week, so it all felt real and sincere.  Poor Bill was really nervous, and we did our best to kid with him and calm him down. Both Dan and I felt comfortable- being in the performing arts, we are used to having microphones attached to us and to being on stage (though I am far more comfortable with a clarinet in my hands). 

The first shot dealt with Bill showing us the special feature of the Clubman that allows you to open the back ‘barn doors’ by sticking your foot underneath the car. Well, that’s what is supposed to happen. The car got a bit camera shy, causing us to do several takes as Bill would stick his foot under the car and nothing would happen. We joked with Bill, telling him we wanted to see him start beating the car and screaming, Open up, Dammit! (Come on– it would have been funny.) Finally the car complied, much to Bill’s relief. 

Next we did a scene of Bill demonstrating the great roomy back of the Clubman. Sadly, this involved a rear view shot of us peering into the back of the car (definitely not my best side- Baby got back). We were glad that we got to say how much room there would be for the dogs (the whole thing was improvised). We had a great time looking appropriately surprised and impressed, and it was easy to do because we both believe in the cars so much. 

After a shoot about the trade-in process, they interviewed both of us together on camera, asking about our experiences at Mini (which took a few takes, as people kept walking in and then staring at the proceedings in the background – not the look they were going for). It all ended with each of us looking into the camera, saying, Mini of Birmingham rocks! And it does. 

Afterwards, Dan took me to one of our favorite Italian restaurants, Brio, for lunch to celebrate our fifteen seconds of fame. What a hoot life is- always something wacky and wonderful just around the corner if you are open to it. I’m doing my best to take in every experience – just hoping that I don’t look too goofy in the final product this time around. If so- hey, I’ll embrace my goofiness and laugh at myself. It’s all good. 

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