On Trailmix as a Gateway Drug

I have maintained my fifty-pound weight loss for over a year now. This was not my first weight-loss rodeo, and I knew I had to do things differently for lasting success. I made several changes that have helped me stay on track; daily exercise, hot water with lemon first thing each morning, tracking food and exercise on Myfitnesspal, drinking tons of water, portion control, being a slave to my Fitbit, and- probably most importantly- giving up sugar. That was tough at first, but I haven’t missed it in quite a while…that is  until I discovered Monster Trailmix at Target. That tasty mix of salty and- yes- sweet has become a gateway drug to me, bringing me back to the precipice of sugar cravings yet again. Lord knows what’s next- Twinkies?

My plan of attack is simple- don’t go to Target (or Tar-shey, as we like to say….classes it up a bit, don’t you agree?). Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to completely stay away from the blasted store…and when I do go, it’s as if I am in a trance as I ‘accidentally’ walk over to the grocery side- a place I had no business going in the first place. Dammit!

Of course, there is the alternative; excessive exercise to combat the massive caloric intake.  I calculated that if I work out about eighty extra hours a week, the Monster Mix will have no impact on the scale. Totally doable- and worthwhile, right? 

I’m going to have to go to war with this Monster, and fast. I’ve worked too hard to let some peanuts, raisins, and M&Ms take me down the path to Jabba the Hutt.   Where’s my gym bag? I’m ready for battle…just as soon as this last bag is gone. 

6 thoughts on “On Trailmix as a Gateway Drug

  1. HAHAHA!!! Denise, I have lost 30 since moving to Texass, and I know exactly what you mean! They package these things as healthy! Good grief!! ๐Ÿ˜œ
    Please tell me about the hot water and lemon in the morning!
    My snack of choice is cooked beet pieces…not pickled, just cooked in boiling water, remove skin, put in frig to chill. They’re also really good baked.
    You stand your ground, girlie, and don’t let Tar-shey winโฃ

    1. Hahaha! Good for you, Syl! Your snack of choice is much healthier than my trail mix. The hot water and lemon is supposed to shock your system (acidic) and rev your metabolism. I really have noticed a difference after doing it for many months now.

      1. Gonna get me some lemon, missy!!! Ohhhhhh, we have baby lemons on our tree in the back yard as well as peaches!!! I may have to open up a farm stand, what with the cherry tomato plant putting out six or eight every couple of weeks!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Looks like chocolate and peanut butter chips too? My goodness. Fight the sugar demon! Fight! Fight! (Hi, my name is Jo, and I too am a sugar addict.)

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