Do Dah Day 2016

Each May for almost thirty years, Birmingham hosts the largest animal fundraiser in the South, Do Dah Day, and my husband, Dan, has worked sound for the festival for many of those years. We were up even earlier than usual this morning to get Dan over to Rhodes Park to set up the sound system and prepare for the popular event that supports animal welfare organizations. (

Dan working his magic with the sound system for the Rhodes Park stage…

After yoga and a rehearsal, I took Coops and Sophie to visit Dan as he worked. This was his last year working the festival, as he retires next May. The weather was perfect- a great way for him to remember his last Do Dah Day behind the sound board. 

The kids had fun, too!

There were dogs and humans of all kinds, and lots of great music…

After a long day, we headed up to the top deck with the pups to enjoy the views and talk about our day….Dan made mint juleps with mint from our herb garden. A lovely end to a beautiful day. Well, any day that involves dogs is a good day to me…which is every day around here. 

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