Pay Attention

I keep hearing a little voice, a reminder, as I race through my day, race through my life…

Pay attention.

Simple words snapping me out of some trance that has me focused on what’s next, what my goal is. I’m such an introvert that I often live in my head, letting the details of the world around me blur. I miss so much- Important things. 

It’s a reminder to be in the moment- that’s where life happens. We talk about this all of the time in yoga, but- as my favorite yoga teacher (my husband, Dan) says, we need to take our yoga off the mat and out into the world. 

How many things do I miss worrying about the past that I can’t change or the future that I can’t predict, or by just being so absorbed on my thoughts that I don’t see?  My mom used to tell me that I ran around like my hair was on fire, and she was right. 

I’m starting to think about it all more, to be aware of the moments where being there makes such a difference. I noticed our sweet cat Kasey is looking old after thirteen years with us. She is slowing down, sleeping more, losing weight. I am making sure to spend more time with her, to watch for cues. I look at her and really see her. 

I see that both of my dogs- one who I found at four weeks and one who I adopted at seven months- are both getting a lot of white on their muzzles. Sophie is slower and slower, and I have to hold the door open longer and be patient. Time to appreciate each moment with my precious animals and not let their all-too-brief lives slip by me. Where did the time go?

Riding in the car with Dan on a beautiful day with the top down, I put away the phone. Pay attention. Really be there, listen to the sounds, absorb the sights, engage in non-distracted conversation. Emails, texts, and Facebook can wait. Truly being there with Dan is so much more important. 

It may be tough to break long-ingrained habits and tendencies, but I’m going to do my absolute best to get out of my head and pay attention to the world around me. All of it. 

I headed up to the top deck on this foggy, rainy morning. I stared at the city shrouded by the veil of fog; I noticed the varied greens of the lush trees; I took in the many different bird songs; I breathed in the damp, fresh air.  What a more rich experience paying attention will be…I look forward to the journey.  

2 thoughts on “Pay Attention

  1. Yes! I try to be cognizant of being in the moment, but I am always trying to improve! Smart phones are a blessing and a curse!

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