Contemplative Critters: A Photo Essay

I often wonder what my animals are thinking when I catch them in what appears to be contemplative moments of repose. Are their thoughts deep? Do they ponder the mysteries of the universe? There has to be something there-I see it in their wise eyes and gentle souls. 

4 thoughts on “Contemplative Critters: A Photo Essay

  1. You and I, it seems, share a dog!
    Our Molly is the spitting image (down to the graying snout) of the dog in the first picture. Her mother was a black lab and her father was a black Chow Chow. We call her the Labrachow. (Her tail is curled and her tongue is black just like her daddy.) She looks JUST LIKE your dog!

    She too likes to stare off into space and seems to be contemplating the universe.

    Love the pictures!

    1. How cool is that? Our bet thinks that Coops is black lab, Akita, and something else. I’ve always thought she was part Chow. Great dogs, no matter what. :)) Thanks so much for your comment.

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