Waking up With a Smile

This morning I opened my eyes and looked to the end of the bed where I felt Coops ensconced in her usual place at my feet. This is what I saw:

I may or may not be sleeping with a Yeti. 

This made me laugh out loud, which was much better than what had happened during the night when I woke up with a scream on my lips, feeling something repeatedly brushing my face, yanking me from a deep, dream-filled sleep. It seems that it was Sophie’s tail…she was wagging her tail in her sleep. Must have been a good dream, but it almost gave me a coronary. 

‘Snoozin’ Sophie, the happy dreamer…

Sleeping with dogs is always an adventure, and rarely dull. Our two are fairly good about sharing the queen-sized  bed with us, and we’re fairly good about sleeping with their snorts, sighs, midnight scratching and grooming during allergy season, boisterous announcements of fireworks displays, nocturnal-creature-outside! alarms, bed hogging, and the ever popular gaseous emissions. Totally worth it to my way of thinking. 

Night Y’all!

My little Yeti, Coops. 

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