The Gift of Storms

The heat has been almost unbearable in Birmingham, the kind of heat that leaves you feeling languid and sapped of any desire to move. We’re also in a partial drought, praying for a good soaking rain for over a week now. Today was supposed to be dry, with the heat index above 100 degrees. I had plans to work in the yard, but decided to lay down with the pups to read for a few minutes before jumping into what I knew would be a hot, sticky job. 

Almost as soon as we got settled into bed, the skies opened, complete with strong winds and impressive thunder and lightning- a good ol’ thunder buster. Everything was so quiet and still in the house except for the pounding rain and rumbling thunder, almost hypnotic. I could almost hear the trees and flowers sighing in relief at the gift of the storm. 

The storm had gifts for me, too; time to think through some things and write, time to bond with my dogs after being away on vacation…time to be a human being instead of always being a human doing. There will be plenty of time to work out in the heat- how nice to spend some time in quiet reflection, accompanied by the beautiful symphony of the storm. 

Bed buds…

Post-storm sky…

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