On the Healing Qualities of Animals and Nature

I am on day one post ankle hardware removal. This time around is so much better than the original surgery six years ago (other than the bad reaction to the anesthesia…ugh). I was completely out of commission and living on the couch downstairs for six weeks, and then it took a year and lots of physical therapy before I could really walk normally and get back to a vigorous exercise program. From what my doctor says, I can weight bear on Friday and lose the crutches…and most importantly, I can take a shower. That first shower post surgery is always the most wonderful feeling in the world.

Sweet Sophie…

I am not good at having to be sedentary. I’ve always been a busy bee, on the go, working, doing house and yard chores, exercising, practicing…I like to stay on the go.  Times like these though, remind me that it is good to stop and sit with stillness sometimes. It allows us to reconnect with ourselves and think through important things without the distractions that are usually a part of everyday life. I learn from watching the way our dogs are able to embrace stillness with such heart. Being in our quiet home alone with them, they help me to breathe into the solitude. Their peacefulness keeps me focused on rest and healing.

Nature comes to heal me, as well. Dan put our hummingbird feeder out the other day after we saw one of the tiny, beautiful creatures fly up to the sunroom windows to stare at us with a clear message- Feed me! Today I sat out in the sunroom to watch the hummingbirds dart up to drink the red liquid, and then fly off into the trees. It’s nature’s television…so much better than traditional tv, and it is so calming to sit in the quiet and watch the birds fly in the beauty of the leafy green trees, along with the cardinals and robins. I love that even though we live in the city, we are surrounded by nature. Birmingham is often called ‘The City of Trees’ because of all of our green space. All I know is that this serene home is a touchstone to me, and I am grateful to be able to be here to restore myself and heal from the surgery. I am already anxious to return to life….and then I realize, this is life, and I breathe. 

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