Victory Laps and Shakin’ it Up

Yesterday afternoon I took a long ‘hood walk- sort of a victory lap for the plate and screws in my ankle that had served me well for six years, but would be removed the following morning. They had begun bulging out and causing a lot of discomfort. Time to go!

6:15 am…..

I woke up well before my 5am alarm and jumped up to begin doing morning chores. Dan has a lot on him work-wise right now, so I wanted to do as much as I could to take care of things in advance around the house- as well as making sure I had everything I needed to camp out downstairs for a few days. I felt a lot of anxiety, but I’m sure much of it was just the trigger it all brought up from a very difficult experience when I originally broke my ankle- many challenges and so much pain. To be honest, I was and am very concerned about having to wait to do my normal exercise for six weeks to avoid fracturing my ankle. I’ve worked hard to lose weight and get fit, and I want to make sure that I don’t go backwards. 

With sweet Dan in the waiting room…my ‘Care Partner’ (as officially stated on his pass!). 

The entire surgical care team was amazing from beginning to end. I got to make them laugh telling them the story from my ankle surgery when I decided I needed to hop to the restroom before the procedure. Unfortunately, my hospital gown was not tied well, and I unknowingly gave the very full pre-surgery unit dinner and a show until one of the nurses kindly ran to my rescue. I am still mortified about that, but it just reminds me again how much I am my mother’s daughter. Stuff like that was always happening to her. 

The only thing I vaguely remember about being wheeled into surgery is seeing the team smile when I was obviously well into goofy-dom and still trying to talk to them. The next thing I knew, I groggily asked if it was over in the recovery room. It was indeed. They pointed out the huge boot I was sporting, and checked on me until I was ready for the ride back to my room and Dan. What a beautiful sight my sweet husband was. 

I have never had a reaction to anesthesia before, but right after Dan helped me get dressed, a wave of nausea hit me. I tried some Sprite and Saltines, and things seemed to calm down a bit, thankfully. Dan took me directly home before heading out to pick up medicine, a few groceries, and the much anticipated Sonic chocolate shake- a tradition after any medical procedure since when Mom lived with us. They truly have healing powers…and make me smile thinking of my mother. 

I was starving by the time he got home, and I must have tried to eat too much too soon.  Dan had to go back to the office and then teach a yoga class, leaving me resting comfortably with the dogs. The nausea returned just a bit later, and I attempted to combat it by eating a little something more…not a good idea. After several false alarms, I barely hobbled to the bathroom on my crutches in time to be very ill. Dan brought ginger ale and Saltines home for me, but the nausea is still here at 1:30am. I was afraid to take pain medicine on top of my turbulent tummy, and now my ankle is wide awake from the surgery as well. I’m sure that with time and rest things will settle down. If not, I’ll call the doctor tomorrow and see if I can get an anti-nausea medicine….I can handle most stuff in life except feeling sick to my stomach. 

My view at 1:30am…

Sophie stayed downstairs with me to be my couch buddy tonight. She is such a sweet and gentle dog, and it helps to be able to reach next to me and stroke her soft fur when I wake up. Animals are such gifts always, but especially comforting at times like these. 

I am supposed to avoid bearing weight on my ankle for two to three days, then stay in the boot for two weeks until I see my surgeon for a check-up. As the boot is on my right side, I’ll have to depend on Dan to drive me to my office in a few days. Life has to keep on going, and there is much to do before I head to ClarinetFest in just over two weeks. Lots of practicing, too, as I will be performing on the Board recital with my Amicitia Duo partner and BFF, Diane. 

As always, times like this remind me yet again how blessed I am to have so many wonderful people in my life. The tough stuff will pass- it always does. But even the tough stuff has a purpose; time to reflect on my many blessings: Dan, a loving home, our animals, dear friends who lift us up in those not-so-good times. Now, time for some more shut-eye and hopes for a better day tomorrow. Let the healing begin. 

2 thoughts on “Victory Laps and Shakin’ it Up

  1. Neese, oh, my. I’ve had a bad reaction to anesthesia, too, and it’s terrible. I hope today brings a calm tummy and rest with the pups. I did have my chocolate shake for you at the movie yesterday!
    Sending you a ginormous bear hug❣
    Love, Syl

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