A Storm’s Passage

We went up to the top deck after a long and difficult day, hoping for the peace the city view always brings us. As we settled in with the dogs and good conversation, the wind began to pick up, the trees dancing furiously while fallen leaves swirled their way circuitously to the ground in wild abandon. The sky was dark over the city, and we could smell rain in the air- could almost taste it- even feeling a few fat drops splash on us from the sky. Instead of running for the safety of the house, we decided to wait and see what happened with the weather. I’m so glad that we did, because nature gave us the most amazing show. As the storm passed slowly over the city just blocks from our home, the sheet of heavy rain almost obscured the skyline at times, like a stage scrim. We sat high and dry, awed by nature, and eternally grateful for our funky old house on the hill in Southside Birmingham. 

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