The Sound of Morning

I had a difficult time getting comfortable with my ankle in the middle of the night (surgery less than two weeks ago), so I grabbed my pillow and headed downstairs to the couch to try to get some sleep. A few hours later, as the gentle morning light began to shine through the sun porch windows, I closed my eyes and listened to sounds of our home waking to the new day. 

I heard the birds and cicadas greet the sun with song. There was the soft whir of the refrigerator as it cycled on. The quiet creaks of our old home, almost a contented sigh of settling old bones. Above me, I heard Dan get up, followed by the thumps of the dogs jumping down from the bed, and the inevitable thundering herd cacophony as they raced to the back door to go outside. Dogs never fail to meet each day with joy, no matter what. What a great example they set for us. 

Sophie in the morning light…

I heard Dan’s electric toothbrush, and his soft tread over the hardwood floors, and I pictured him standing in front of the picture window, doing his morning yoga as he looked out at the city. In time, I smelled the rich aroma of his coffee brewing, soon followed by Dan coming downstairs, a welcoming morning hug at the ready. 

I smiled at all of this, these sounds I hear every single morning but often take for granted. How grateful I am for the reminder of the gentleness of my love-filled home, the comforting solidity of this old house, the perpetual joy of our animals in their lives, and my sweet husband. I will make an effort to really listen to this morning symphony each day, letting its strains wash over me, reminding me of my many blessings. What a better way to greet  each sunrise with a heart filled with gratitude. 

After a gentle rain…

Coops and Sophie…

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