Grief Comes Calling

Today the veil of grief slipped it’s silken cloth over my face again. 

Grief had been a stranger,

Not showing her face for ages,

But decided to drop in

On this anniversary of my loss. 
I didn’t want to be rude-

My mother always taught me to be a kind Southern lady-

But I was not in the mood for company on this saddest of days. 

Still, I remembered my manners

And invited Grief in for a visit. 

I’m afraid my reception was chilly at first, but Grief didn’t seem to mind. 

She settled in, putting her arm around me, in the guise of an old friend. 

Tell me stories, she said,

Her voice the sound of distant rain,

Gentle and soft. 

And so I began, tearfully,

As Grief nodded and urged me on. 

Story after story I shared,

Stories of my mother’s youth,

Stories of her courage,

Her faithfulness,

Her silliness,

As Grief listened in rapt attention,

Her hand under her chin. 

Suddenly I realized that we were not alone, Grief and I. 

My mother sat with us, listening to my stories,

Smiling and laughing, 

Her blue eyes twinkling. 

I knew then that Grief was an old friend,

And her visits were nothing to dread. 

For when Grief would come calling, she would always bring my mother close to me again. 

2 thoughts on “Grief Comes Calling

  1. This post is so true. It hits you out of nowhere, but it comforts you at the same time. “i still haven’t forgotten her, she’s still with me, it wasnt a dream”. When Jesus was going to see Lazarus and found out he was dead, the Bible said He cried (even though He knew He was going to resurrect him). He cried because death hurts, and that comforts me to think that the One that conquered death was able to cry about losing a friend, too.

    This is from David Hyles’ page on FB and it has helped me through the past 6 months:

    Maybe It Really Isn’t a Broken Heart

    Have you ever heard someone say, “I feel like my heart is breaking?” Or perhaps you have said it yourself at times. But, maybe your heart is not breaking at all. Perhaps your heart is actually getting strengthened. Think about it. When you begin to feel pain from exercise, is your body breaking or is it really getting stronger? The pain is a sign of muscles being used that have been dormant for too long. Perhaps our hearts are the same. Perhaps your heart has become dormant to the things of God and others and the Lord is allowing it to be exercised for a new purpose. He knows in order to prepare you for that task you need a stronger heart. That pain is not your heart breaking, but being exercised for a greater purpose.

    When Jack David died, our hearts did not break, but they were made stronger in compassion towards others who lost a child. Look back at a time when you thought your heart was breaking and see if in truth, your heart was being strengthened. So, if your heart is feeling pain at this time in your life, ask yourself what God is trying to do to strengthen your heart and for what purpose. Your heart won’t break my friend, but it will get stronger if you trust the Lord. (DH)


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