In the Dark of Night

In the dark of night

All of my transgressions,

My mistakes,

My failures,

Each ill-thought choice,

Come roiling to the surface.

A turbulent sea,

A battle in which I fear I may perish,

Thrown against the craggy shore of doubt. 


As the dawn kisses the Earth each morning,

I am filled with hope renewed. 

Another day has come,

Another opportunity to embrace life,

To forgive myself,

To be grateful,

To try again to be the person I know I can be. 

Never perfect, always open to growing and learning until my last breath. 

 At last I remember,

Grace comes when we open the door wide,

Or maybe even just a crack. 

And I awake humbled yet again. 

2 thoughts on “In the Dark of Night

  1. I always awake at night anymore, usually at 3 a.m. I keep my bedside radio tuned to NPR and listen to whatever story is playing…is soothing (maybe it’s their accents! [I think that early it is always the UK version]), and I can hopefully fall back to sleep. I also try to keep in mind that line about the “committee of sleep” (I think it is from Steinbeck) when I worry too much about things (which is all the time); I will literally tell myself to let the committee of sleep work on the problem. I know, ridiculous, right? But somehow it works. Not that I won’t still have to worry about whatever in the morning but at least I might get another hour or so of rest…

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