On Pancakes, Pressure, and Puppies

This past week since Dan’s shoulder replacement surgery has been stressful- I won’t lie. Dan and I are a great team, each of us taking on the work of caring for our home and animals, along with busy careers. We love what we have built together and find great joy in keeping things running along smoothly with hard work. I have extra respect for what my husband contributes now that everything has fallen onto my (un-surgerized) shoulders. Sadly, what has stressed me out the most has been preparing meals for my amazing cook of a husband. Intimidating as hell for someone of my epic culinary challenges. 

I had a long list of things to accomplish yesterday in the house and yard, and I began by avoiding the blueberry pancakes Dan suggested for our Sunday morning Big Breakfast (a Gainey tradition), going instead with making the one breakfast specialty I have consistent success with- scrambled eggs with cheese and biscuits. It was edible- actually, it was pretty darn good (insert sigh of relief). I worked out in the yard for several hours, sweeping decks, pulling weeds, trimming ivy, and weedwacking. My back was toast, but it felt good to see everything looking spruced up and happy again. 

I cleaned the house from stem to stern, did laundry, helped Dan with his shower, and practiced for my upcoming recitals. By the end of the day I was absolute toast, but still had to make dinner. I ran my limited repertoire of safe-zone dishes by Dan, and he opted for the famous ‘Bean Goo Tacos’ (aka, bean and cheese tacos). A nice, low-stress dish. I declared the day a walloping, productive success. 

This morning I asked Dan if he wanted his usual breakfast of fruit and granola, and he immediately replied with, “Blueberry pancakes! It’s a holiday, after all.”  Damn. Making pancakes means pulling out Dan’s big iron skillet- something I avoid like the plague. I am afraid of the thing- actually, I’m afraid I’m going to do something to ruin one of Dan’s favorite cooking tools. After several assurances that he would oversee the process, I grudgingly agreed to try, walking into the kitchen like I was headed to the gallows. 

Here we go!

Mr. Encouragement :))

Not only edible, but yummy! Look out world, I’m the pancake queen…okay, maybe not ‘queen’..Hey- at least no fires were set this time. I call that a win. 

Breakfast was delicious, if I do say so myself, and Dan was happy as can be to have a special treat. I did tell him not to get any ideas, that he was taking back the cooking duties as soon as his shoulder healed. I’ll stick to cleaning and clarinet playing- much safer for all of us. 

Finally, a bit of time to rest up and write before I get busy with my remaining list of chores. The next few weeks will have me rippin’ and roarin’, and I need to have everything at Chez Gainey in good shape.  Someone wanted to join me for some chill time…


That’s more like it…

Now it’s time for a bit of rest on this Labor Day. I am grateful for the lessons that have come with Dan’s surgery, reminders to be grateful for my sweet man and all he does for our family. Also, reminders for me to stop being afraid to try new things that are outside of my comfort zone. Sometimes I might just surprise myself, and how cool is that?


6 thoughts on “On Pancakes, Pressure, and Puppies

  1. Wow! You really were busy. I’m worn out just reading what you accomplished. :-). I, too, struggle with cooking and have only a few things I feel comfortable making, but one of my specialities is pancakes! Glad you conquered your fear and mixed up a yummy batch. At least your Dan can cook. My husband is like me and limited in that department. Oh well, two peas in a pod. Neither one of us has high culinary expectations when a meal is prepared at home.

    1. JoAnne, I always figure that if the worst happens in the kitchen, there is canned soup. We won’t starve. :)) We cooking challenged folks just make the world sparkle in different ways.

  2. Just catching up on my blog reading….glad to hear Dan’s surgery went well. Isn’t it amazing what they can do now w/these replacements? You two are so very lucky to have each other; lovely stories of balancing each other out.

    And as an aside, I love your long black skirt in the pic from a few days ago! Very pretty.

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