The Call of Fall

It is still very much summer in my Alabama home,

Hot and steamy, languid and slow. 

The carefree days of summer vacation have long-since passed, 

Life is running at full tilt yet again. 

Today, however, I felt it,

Felt the call of Fall as I walked my dogs through the neighborhood. 

Leaves fell from weary trees, ready to release their burden and prepare for the coming winter slumber,

Their dry crunch underfoot now a carpet of memories. 

Though warm and sunny, something felt different in the air, 

Whispers of color and dancing light.  

Maybe it is the change of seasons on its laborious way down south. 

Maybe it is my hopefulness, my eager anticipation of the beauty that Fall will bring.  

Whatever the case, change is on its way, and I welcome it with open arms and a joyous heart. 

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