Another Birthday in Heaven

Milkshakes all around!

She exclaimed with delight,

Her blue eyes twinkling,

So beautiful and bright. 

The angels all smiled,

They knew her so well,

For Heavy D’s joy rang out like a bell. 

Her birthday the cause for today’s celebration,

Though now she resides at a supremely higher elevation. 

On the Earth down below her daughter’s heart tugs,

With memories of laughter, love, and countless great hugs. 

As they gathered ’round her cake lit in Christmas tree flair,

Dorothy primped just a moment and fussed with her hair. 

The angels called out,

Make a wish, Heavy D!

For wishes in Heaven have great magic- 

Wait and see!

She thought for a moment, 

Her heart open wide,

And smiled as she knew

There was no need to decide. 

She blew out the candles,

All ninety-five glowing strong,

Knowing right where her magic-filled wish would belong. 

Her daughter’s heart swelled as she felt the wish enter,

With love and with with joy, and with memories that were sent her. 

I know now on this day there’s no need to feel tragic,

For love’s never ending,

And Heaven’s wishes are magic. 

*Today would have been my mother’s ninety-fifth birthday. She was given the nickname ‘Heavy D’ by her buddies Wayne and John (John Wayne) when she moved to live with me in Birmingham, Alabama. (They thought she needed a ‘hood name to live in the city.) She loved it- one supremely cool ‘older’ lady (she never let anyone call her old). She loved Sonic milkshakes and tater tots, costume jewelry, old buttons, making pies for her friends at The Home for Wayward Seniors, antiques, Rave Hairspray, and- most of all- she loved her children. Happy Birthday, Momma. Heaven is a more joyful and fun place because you are there. 

Dorothy Williams (1921-2014)

4 thoughts on “Another Birthday in Heaven

  1. That is absolutely lovely. I remember reading your stories about your mom before her passing; what a gal, as my grandmother would have called her!

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