A Day in Gratitude

I talk a lot about gratitude because I truly believe it has the power to change our lives. I made a decision many years ago to focus on being grateful every day for the many small and large blessings that surround me. One of my music education professors said something once that greatly impacted me, “Act your way into a new way of thinking.” Those words have been transformative- want to be healthy? Do the things that healthy people do. Want to be a great musician? Practice like great musicians do. Want to live a happy, gratitude-filled life? Be grateful for everything that comes your way. 

Sweet Kasey…

Dan and Coops sharing some love…

Leaves, leaves, and more leaves. :))

Yesterday was a busy one, beginning with Dan teaching his first early morning yoga class since his shoulder replacement. He did a great job, and I was so proud of him for getting back in the saddle again so soon after his surgery. After that, I rehearsed with colleagues for an upcoming recital tour, then headed home to do battle with the leaves that are raining down with a vengeance on this beautiful clear day. As I worked outside, bonding with my home, I thought about fortunate I am to be married to such a good and kind man in this love-filled and peaceful home. I looked around at my sweet dogs and cat, remembering the stories of how each of them came to us and about all of the joy they have brought to our lives over the years. I thought about my crazy busy performance schedule and full teaching load this semester, and how very grateful I am to be able to do what I love every single day for a living. My heart filled with joy- my focus on gratitude had worked its magic yet again. 

Top deck date time…

When I was going through the end of my first marriage, it felt like the world was a very dark place. A special student gave me a gratitude journal, encouraging me to write down five things each night that I had been grateful for that day, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant. Her gift helped me to find my way through the sadness by focusing on the little things. Those little things grew and grew as I made myself pay attention. The daily ritual healed my heart and prepared me to be open to finding love again.  I encourage you to give gratitude a try and see what magic it has in store for you. It won’t fix all of the problems of the world, but the shift in perspective makes even the difficult times easier to face.  Gratitude opens our eyes and our hearts to the beauty that is all around us- simple but strong magic, for sure. 

Sophie, the love bug…

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