On Gratitude in Tough Times

It’s funny how powerful gratitude truly is. I hold on to it like a life-line, because it has often been one for me throughout my life. Gratitude is most important to focus on as we forge our way through tough times…and so easy to lose sight of during those times that challenge us. I’ve caught myself lately feeling down about things, fearful of what is to come. I realized that I’d lost sight of what was truly important, forgotten to be grateful for all that is good in my life. It’s time to remind myself that even in the darkest days, there is always something to be grateful for if you open your mind and your heart. 

When I think back to my darkest moments, the thing that always got me through was focusing on something good in the situation- no matter how small or seemingly insignificant. It gave me hope that not everything was falling apart. Gratitude was the one thing I could control when everything else seemed to be falling apart. 

Gratitude is not always an easy path. There are days when I feel overwhelmed by the darkness of the world around me. Still, somehow, some way, a ray of light always finds its way in- and I will always look for it. Every single time. 

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