The Gratitude Walk

It is a tradition of mine to take a ‘gratitude walk’ around the neighborhood on Thanksgiving morning with the dogs. As I walk, I do my best to really notice things; the sky, a beautiful tree, a smiling neighbor…and when I do, I send up a prayer of thanks for the gift of that beauty. I also run through a list of all I have to be grateful for along the way, each step taking me more deeply into the spirit of the holiday. 

As I walked down the sidewalk by Glen Iris Elementary School, I noticed some colorful chalk writing scrawled in large letters in several short messages beneath my feet:

You are beautiful!

You’ve got this!

Everyone is worthy- including you!

Spread your wings and fly!

During a time when things are so divisive, these simple messages made my heart smile- some unknown person making a difference in a simple but beautiful way. A message of love, encouragement, and acceptance. I sent that message back to them, lifting up my prayer of gratitude for their gift of beauty. 


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