The Little Things: Love on Sourdough

We are fortunate to get to go home at lunch time most days, thanks to the close proximity of our jobs. Sometimes it’s a quick dash home just to let the dogs out, but sometimes it’s to enjoy a quiet meal on the sunporch- always a treat. 

One of our favorite lunches is Dan’s special grilled cheese (Dan makes even the most humble of dishes with his usual flare). He picks out a special cheese, often a smoked Gouda, putting it on some fresh sourdough bread. He grills it in olive oil in the big iron skillet as I prepare the soup and lay out our plates and bowls. 

Each time, without fail, he cuts my sandwich so that it looks like a heart and presents it to me, saying, “My wife has my heart always.” It is inevitably the best grilled cheese sandwich in the world, made with love just for me. Those little things? They make all the difference. 

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