Upon Waking: A Tail of Love

I hovered between wonderfully deep sleep and consciousness in the early morning light, reaching for sweet Sophie as I always do when I wake, as she habitually sleeps pressed next to me each night (Coops sleeps on my feet). I stroked her fur, feeling the usual comfort that she brings me with her very presence. Animals have a certain magic that they share by merely being with us, imparting a calm and a sense of safety. 

As I continued to pet her and my mind began it’s slow return to wakefulness, something began to register as not being normal. I noticed that Sophie didn’t quite feel right- where was her fur? Finally my foggy brain clicked…I was in a hotel room in San Antonio and had been gently stroking my travel pillow, which had ended up next to me during the night. 

After laughing at myself (and wishing that Dan had been there to laugh with me), I realized how special it was that I had brought Sophie’s comfort along with me on this trip. Dan always jokes with me before I travel, asking if I am taking Sophie with me, as she is especially attached to me and is always at my side, following me everywhere. Looks like I did just that this time around. But then again, love is with us all the time, no borders or boundaries. What a good reminder for me. 

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