A Yoga Dan Tale: Another Fifteen Minutes of Fame for Mr. MacKenzie

The funky and fun door to the coolest new photography studio and art gallery in Birmingham, Studio Goodlight…

Andy Warhol said everyone has fifteen minutes of fame at some point during their lifetime. As Dan and I work in the arts, we often have occasion to poke our noses into the limelight, and we’ve ended up having a whole raft of those little fifteen minutes of fame over the years. Sometimes it’s a part of our jobs, and sometimes it’s just plain old serendipity.  Television interviews, newspaper photos, working with celebrities and a president, a Mini Cooper commercial, a fitness video, promotional videos for the university, and most recently- a photo shoot of Dan to be used to promote the Downtown YMCA. Dan has the largest following in his yoga classes of any of the teachers at the Y, and they are hoping to capitalize on capturing his sincere love of fitness and teaching. Basically, Yoga Dan (one of my husband’s alter egos, along with the wonderful and hard-working Mr. MacKenzie*) rocks. I may be a bit prejudiced, but I can provide proof upon request. 

Scenes from Studio Goodlight:

The photo shoot took place at an amazing new photography studio in downtown Birmingham this past Sunday. You would never know that on the other side of the funky blue door off of a quiet alley there existed an incredibly chic industrial loft. I am a huge lover of old houses- the older the better- but I told Dan I’d live there in a heartbeat. The space had recently been featured in a magazine, and I could see why- it has a great vibe,  beautifully and interestingly decorated with understated elegance. The use of light tubes to bring in natural light is amazing, making it the perfect place to show the artist’s work, and for her to create her magic. 

First things first- Dan peeled off his clothes to reveal his yoga outfit underneath. I suggested a cape with ‘Yoga Dan’ emblazoned on it, but he passed. Next came the make-up artist who got Dan camera-ready. How cool would it be to have your own make-up artist to work on you every day before you faced the world? As someone who is make-up challenged (sorry, Mom), I could so get used to that. The final product was picture perfect:


I loved watching the process- I’d never been a part of a photo shoot before where I wasn’t the one being shot. The photographer knew just what light she wanted, knew just what to say to Dan to give his most genuine and natural smile. She sent her assistant back several times to get the props she needed, and clicked away, made adjustments, and clicked away some more. 

All too soon, the session was over and it was time to head back out into the bright Birmingham afternoon sunlight. I can’t wait to see the results of the shoot. Who knows- I may walk into the Y and find a life-size cardboard version of my husband greeting me, or he may show up on television as we watch the evening news.  How cool would that be? No matter what, Mr. MacKenzie will stay humble- Yoga Dan wouldn’t have it any other way.  That’s just how he chaturangas…err,  rolls.  


*Mr. MacKenzie is my sweet husband’s home repair alter ego, famous for climbing extremely tall ladders to battle squirrel invasions, string lights, and repair chimneys on a very high roof with rock gardens below. My phone stays set to call 911 at a moment’s notice. 

2 thoughts on “A Yoga Dan Tale: Another Fifteen Minutes of Fame for Mr. MacKenzie

  1. I, too, adore old houses, and find myself choosing them over and over again. Their character is so appealing to me, and with some TLC, can be so charming! However, this studio/loft decorated in such a contemporary way is appealing as well. There are some elements of the “old” which blend together nicely with the newer ideas. Dan…the more I learn about him, the more I like him! You two are blessed to have each other…I have a feeling he feels the same way about you guys. I am so happy for your world together! Namaste

    1. Thanks, Jan. Old houses speak to me on so many levels- I love the layers of history hidden in them. I think I like the industrial look because it pulls from some old elements (especially the old brick walls). As for Dan- he is an amazing man. Truly my heart.

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