A Sunday of Life 

Sundays are often precious to us – especially those Sundays that we don’t have a show or concert to work…and especially after a particularly difficult week when we need to recharge and take the time to get caught up around the house and yard. It is also the one day of the week that we don’t have to spring out of bed at 6am…the dogs seem to love it, too. 

After an interesting night weather-wise,  the day looked like it was getting off to a good start.

I got busy deep-cleaning our home- medicinal after losing our sweet Kasey- Kitty just a few days ago. I’m still finding that the least little thing can set off the flow of tears, such as running across her food bowl. 

…or the cushion outside where she loved to sit and observe her kingdom on a beautiful day. Today it was covered with blossoms- but nothing else around it was. It made me happy to think of it as a little hello from Heaven. 

After the house was in good shape and the dogs were bathed, we worked outside for the rest of the day, bringing the plants out from their long winter’s nap in the greenhouse and back out onto the decks. We also planted some tomatoes and placed them on the top deck where they’d get lots of sun. 

After a long day of hard work, it was time to sit on the top deck and watch the sunset for a bit before grilling dinner. The dogs seem to enjoy the view just as much as we do. 

Dan grilled a wonderful dinner of salmon steaks, asparagus, and new potatoes. I love watching him working at the grill…

We ate on the deck, enjoying the beautiful view of the city and lots of great conversation with our delicious meal. We talked about Kasey, and both decided we could feel her here with us. I love the idea of her keeping an eye on us all. 

We have so many things hovering over us right now, worrying us, pulling at our hearts strings. All at once it would be overwhelming, But, one at a time, interspersed with good hard work, friendship, and a huge dose of love, and we know we can get through anything. Plus, we now have a kitty angel watching over us, adding to the chorus of angels already there. We’re in good hands, or wings, or something. Whatever it is, it works. Life is good. 


2 thoughts on “A Sunday of Life 

  1. Yes! Kasey is right there, and can be anywhere at all…she is “unlimited”! She DID leave those flowers there for you! What a great photos! Great day, great Dan, great dogs, great digging, great deck, great dinner! Yummm!!!

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