A Day of Possibilities 

I woke to the sounds of jubilant spring bird song in the darkness of pre-dawn,

My sweet husband next to me, the gentle snores and solid weight of the dogs at my feet, all such a comfort. 

There is gratitude in my heart;

I am loved, alive to see the magic of rebirth yet again, 

To see the world awaken and feel my body and spirit thrill with the anticipation of my own opportunities for rebirth and change. 

Letting go of the darkness, brushing away the cobwebs of doubt. 

Every single year I feel the same excitement, the same hope, as the seasons change,

The starkness of winter relinquishing its grasp to the joyous riot of color and light. 

The whole world seems to sigh in relief, the eternal promise of spring kept yet again. 

Another chance at life in all of it imperfect perfection. 

Savoring the sounds in the quiet, I take a moment to give thanks for it all before another day of possibilities begins anew. 

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