And My Heart Smiled

I had a special whistle to call Kasey, followed by calling, “KAY-see! KAY-see kitty kitty!” and she would come running from wherever she was to me, responding with her signature, “MaMA, MaMa!”  When I would open the back door leading to the decks in the early morning to go work out, she would be there waiting for me without fail, ready to go to my garage gym. She would wait patiently while I kickboxed or yoga-d, or rowed, and as soon as she saw me begin my cool-down on the exercise ball, she would finally come to me, purring and rubbing on me, then walking me back down to the house. I would hold her and kiss her head, and top off her food bowl. It was a precious daily ritual. 

She had been gone a week when I walked out of my garage after a workout and hesitated. I knew it was silly, but missing her, I whistled the special whistle twice, looking to the garden where I had created a memorial for her. Suddenly, a bird called back with the exact whistle that I used for Kasey- a bird I had never heard before in the fourteen years that I had done the special whistle. Goosebumps covered my arms. I whistled again, the bird echoed it back to me again. Tears filled my eyes, and my heart smiled. 

The world is filled with endless possibilities if we are open to them. Love goes on and on, unstoppable even by death, I have no doubt. I am so grateful for that little hello from Heaven, a balm to my healing heart, carried by a winged messenger. 

2 thoughts on “And My Heart Smiled

  1. So beautiful. So touching. So completely believable and understandable to me. Thank you for sharing…I can’t say enough… very heart warming…

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