In the Arms of Angels

Sometimes I find myself

Filled with fear and doubt,

In a world seemingly gone mad-

Or perhaps I am the mad one?

I struggle to find my place,

To find peace,

To make sense of it all,

Trapped in a labyrinth of my own making.

And still…

My heart sings of hope and change,

As I let myself fall into the arms of angels,

Into their ethereal, eternal embrace,

They who remind me of the good and the beautiful,

And once again I find the strength to step forward into the light. 


4 thoughts on “In the Arms of Angels

  1. Such heartfelt, descriptive, honest, open, and totally beautiful poetry…I would have to search far and wide to find ANY other piece, which would accomplish the very artistic mesh between, two, (at least TWO, on the ‘surface’) opposing emotions, which very understandably, present a somewhat endearing vulnerability, coupled with the “cock-eyed optimist” school of thought, which IS absolutely ESSENTIAL to the survival of our species! I truly believe that your sharings reveal a most human, real, and beautiful, beautiful spirit, which is not afraid to “put the cards on the table”, state the difficult, and yet cling to the reality of HOPE and FAITH…yes the REALITY! To give praise for these attitudes, seems shallow, so, as odd as it may sound, in view of the fact that I have typed many words, I find myself, overcome with emotion, and figuratively…speechless.

  2. (I need to check that box about learning about comments…I seemed to have missed it. By leaving another comment, I have a chance to redeem that oversight! Haha!)

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