A Man and His (Our) Dog(s)

One of my favorite morning rituals is to open my eyes first thing and see our dogs sprawled on the bed in different expressions of pure abandon, I keep my camera close by to capture what I find. This is followed by Dan greeting Cooper at the end of the bed before he begins his morning yoga while I catch up on email. Coops adores Dan, and I think she waits with great anticipation for this moment of sweet joy, as well. Sophie has already had her love by this time (she sleeps between us, so she’s closer in line). Here is a bit of our morning routine…

This is what I woke up to…You can see that we are lucky to carve out a spot for ourselves in the bed. 

Dan and Coops…There is such a beautiful connection between my husband and this dog I found as a tiny puppy in the alley behind our home during a terrible storm nine years ago. (How can it already be nine years?)  Dan, very much a cat whisperer, has embraced life with dogs wholeheartedly, showering both pups with love and treats. Coops and Sophie approve. 

Once this morning ritual is completed, I take  the girls outside and then feed them. Our day has begun…and what a beautiful, peaceful way to start off each and every morning.

I am so grateful.

4 thoughts on “A Man and His (Our) Dog(s)

  1. That is just a grand post! I adore the photos of the cute pups and cute hubby! The one with the paw in the foreground is especially fabulous! Your gratitude is so understandable…your morning routine sounds heavenly!

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