To Find God in a Flower

To find God in the beauty of a flower,

The artistry of  imperfection of each and every petal. 

To see Her in the sunset in hues of pink and gold,

To feel reverence in the spray of the ocean,

A place of worship in powdery sand and turbulent sea. 

To kneel before majestic mountains and crashing waterfalls,

And say humbled prayers to the sun and moon. 

To commune with the earth and sky,

And find absolution in the dark of a stormy night. 

There is sacredness to be found everywhere and in everything 

When we look with hearts opened wide. 

Every fiber of my being cries Hallelujah!

For I have found my place. 

This is my church, 

My sacred sanctuary,

And my soul sings psalms of gratitude. 

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