One Little Wrinkle

One little wrinkle

And suddenly there were two;

I started using lotions-

Didn’t know what else to do. 

Two little wrinkles,

Popping on my face,

When I looked again 

There seemed to be a race. 

Lots of little wrinkles 

At eyes and mouth and cheeks,

They seemed to multiply 

in just a matter of  weeks. 

I looked into the mirror

 and smiled a goofy grin,

I saw my eyes were twinkling 

Always a happy win. 

The wrinkles there were welcome-

They came from life and love,

Each line was earned from smiling

That fits me like a glove.

A lifetime of emotion

Is mapped out on my face,

I wouldn’t change a moment, 

And so I will embrace. 

Growing older is a gift 

Not everyone will receive,

And as for all these wrinkles

They’re gifts I do believe. 

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