Additional Angels

I have long believed that there is always an army of angels looking out for us. I like to think of our loved ones who have passed as part of that brigade, tasked with protecting us, wrapping us in their angel wings to comfort us in sadness, ruffling the breeze with their joy when we are happy. I see the frontline smiling at me; my mother and father, grandparents, brother and sister, aunts and uncles, friends gone too soon. Generations of history, layer upon layer of love. Such beauty and light to behold. 

We have additional angels, too, in the animals with whom we have shared our lives, those spirit creatures whose fur has held our tears, our whispered secrets, hopes and dreams. Never with us long enough, they stand guard over us from a heavenly realm as fiercely and devotedly as they did in life. I hear a distant bark, one that will forever be imprinted on my heart, see a shadow in the corner of my eye, and I know my additional angel is on patrol, running free and proud, but ever ready to protect and comfort me when duty calls. 

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