My Garden of Joy

My garden of joy is a haven of wonder,

Where sorrow and heartache may never plunder.

Hope and compassion grow on long flowing vines,

That wrap ’round my heart in invincible binds.

I come here to heal when life wields me a blow,

To breathe in the peace and and to let it out slow. 

Here I remember the point of it all,

The good and the bad, both the large and the small;

No matter what happens it’s love that will win,

Its power unbounded, I feel it within. 

Nothing can stop it, not sadness or death,

Its armor protects ’til we take our last breath. 

And when that time comes and our season has passed,

When there are no more words, oh, it’s  gone by so fast!

The seeds that we planted will all blossom anew,

Spreading more love and light for those who come to the garden heartsick and blue. 

5 thoughts on “My Garden of Joy

  1. So much beauty in our world, to lift us up, when we feel blue, even in those “seeds” we plant ourselves.
    Thank you for reminding us to “take a look”.

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