Young Love

That first blush

Of love realized,

Two souls smiling in joyous recognition. 

Your world consumed 

With thoughts of one another,

Eyes seeing only beauty,


Time passes,

That first blush fades,


Becoming something more real,

More precious,

Tempered by life. 

Time brings the gifts of trust,

Devotion, understanding. 

You discover there is beauty in the imperfections of love,

When our eyes truly see our mate, 

Their soul, their heart,

the good and the bad,

And we love them all the more for it,

For the realness

Young love is precious, the magical binding of two hearts;

‘Old’ love is even more to be treasured,

Its roots strong in that foundation of hopes and dreams, 

Nurtured by honesty, communication, and friendship. 

Love is mystical, filled with infinite possibilities for those who believe,

Those prepared to risk everything to take that hand in yours, hearts opened wide. 

Dedicated to newlyweds Mac and Jack. Wishing you a lifetime of love and magic!

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