On the Enforced Outing of an Inner Child

My best friend Diane is good for me in so many ways; where I tend to be shy and reserved, she is gloriously confident and bold. Where I am soft-spoken, her wonderfully boisterous laugh rings out across a crowded room. Diane is like my Dan, their inner child is alive and well. Mine? Well, she is sort of a wallflower- that is, until this evening. What changed, you ask? This:

We enjoyed a nice, sedate dinner with colleagues, and then decided to walk to Walgreens to pick up water for our hotel room. That fateful decision led us right by a Florida gift store; Diane saw the mouse ears and it was all over. I am pretty sure that the smiling cashier didn't believe me when I (truthfully) told him we hadn't had a drop to drink- we were just this naturally goofy.

And then Diane said the words that strike fear in the heart of any card-carrying shy introvert; Put it on- we're wearing these to Walgreens. I died a little death there, surrounded by more Mikey Mouse paraphernalia than you can shake a stick at. This woman will be the death of me.

Her joy and laughter were contagious, however. I've had a horrible summer- I'm tired of feeling heartsick and sad….I'm in!

I felt my inner child curl into fetal position, but nevertheless I persisted. Blazing cheeks and mortification be damned- I was going to walk my fifty-four Year-old butt into Walgreens with my best friend and hold my head – and my Minnie Mouse ears- high. People smiled at us all along the way- some looked at us like we were nuts. Diane paraded confidently ahead of me and I slowly began to let go and flow with it.

I was Minnie Mouse, dammit- even if just for ten minutes, I was going to drag my inner child out and she was going to like it- or at least humor me. We even walked back to the hotel and got onto the elevator with a wonderful family who laughed along with us, or at us, or whatever. The point is, I didn't spontaneously combust because I did something silly in front of people (at home, I'm silly all the time). We
Spread a trail of joy here in Orlando, just as sure as if we had our own personal Disney parade. And it was fun.

I think I heard my inner child giggle- maybe even guffaw a bit. Maybe it won't be as hard to convince her to come out and play again the next time. We have a long week ahead….anything could happen. Stay tuned!

8 thoughts on “On the Enforced Outing of an Inner Child

  1. It is SO fabulous to hear the lilt in your voice and feel the joy right along with you, as you describe the antics! A much deserved healing is taking place, and I, for one, am grateful that you have such a fun practitioner, working her “magic in the clarinet kingdom”! Thank you for sharing! A great start for a Monday morning…it sets the tone for an exciting, and very happy and productive week! God love you two…

  2. Oh yes, Denise! More of that, please……..
    Diane, and “Minnie Mouse”, are working their magic.
    I can feel the healing taking place. 💕

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