Pictures from Home

Right now I am in the back seat of a car somewhere in Nebraska, driving down cornfield-lined highways on our way to Kansas for the first leg of our Amicitia Duo Mid-West recital tour. It’s a beautiful day to be riding with dear friends, looking forward to the Masterclasses and recitals to come over the next four days.

I can’t help but think of the stark contrast between the Heartland of our country to my life in Birmingham, Alabama. When I go for walks with my best friend Diane down the manicured sidewalks of her lovely neighborhood, I always tease, “But where’s the graffiti? The broken sidewalks? The potholes?” Joking aside, I love my home, though, a place that I have now lived for over fifteen years, a place where I found the love of my life and where I have flourished in my career. And while I am having a wonderful time with dear friends and playing great music, I have to admit that my heart aches for home and my loved ones who wait for me there.

My sweet Dan knows this. Before I leave, he is incredibly patient as I obsessively pack and clean, wanting to take care of every detail for my little family in preparation for my absence. How will they ever survive without me? He always makes sure that we have a date night beforehand with lots of time to talk and dream on the sunporch to send me off feeling loved and cherished. He texts or calls daily, and very importantly, he texts me photos of the animals and what is happening at home so that I feel that I’m taking home with me no matter how far away I roam.

Here are a few of the photos that Dan has sent so far in the few days I have been away…

Will wonders never cease? Sophie and Shiva napping peacefully on the couch with Dad.

Dan woke up to Shiva stretched across him. She is becoming a true part of our family finally! I’m just hoping she remembers me when I get home on Saturday…

The first meeting of the Bourbon and Cigars Club at Chez Gainey…

A peaceful view from the top deck.

There is nothing exciting in these photos, nothing out of the ordinary…but then again, it is that ‘ordinary’ that I crave, that feeling like I am home and all snugged in with my little family, no matter how many miles separate us. It gives me the best of both worlds; time to pursue my career and enjoy time with my BFF on the road while still feeling the love of home wrapped around me. I am so grateful.

4 thoughts on “Pictures from Home

  1. I love small ensemble groups! The sounds of a clarinet/woodwind group playing is lovely (once a long time ago I played the clarinet and my oldest son played as well). Of course my favorite is strings – son#2 is a violin/viola player with a quartet and he teaches as well… Your husband must be a real peach! Part “cat whisperer” to gain Shiva’s trust!!

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