If I Should Forget

If somehow I should forget to smile

Though hardship meets me at every mile,

If I should forget to be incredibly grateful

In a world where many can be so hard and so hateful,

If I should forget to see the heartbreaking beauty

While focused too deeply on doing my duty,

If I should let anger erode my sense of peace,

Its burning hot coal never seeming to cease,

Time is no longer such a good friend,

As it flies past like a thief, never stopping to mend.

This time is now mine not to waste,

Every moment precious, each experience to savor and taste.

The chaos in Time’s wake, the hurts we inflict,

Oh, for the chance to know how to predict.

But predict we cannot, only live out each day,

Finding love everywhere, it is the only real way.

I will live my life in joy and in sorrow,

grateful for this moment and each and every tomorrow.

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