On the Gift of Nose Art

Do you see them?

I was practicing in my studio this afternoon, my view the same that I’ve seen for ages as I worked on music for an upcoming recital. I stopped to take a break and smiled as I looked at the smudged glass. Coops has been gone for three months now, and I still haven’t had the heart to clean the glass where she faithfully and excitedly greeted us as we came in from the garages each day; it just feels like having a bit of her still with me, especially in my studio where she would stand guard, waiting for us to get home.

I have loved all of my animals dearly, but Cooper had a special place in my heart, the only dog I’ve ever raised from a puppy. Losing her so suddenly was tough for both Dan and me, a hole in our lives and in our hearts that we will feel for a long time to come. Life, of course, goes on, but I still miss her large presence in our daily routines, her steadfast loyalty and companionship.

I looked again more carefully at the window as the outline of definite shapes began to become clear to me. Seriously? I looked again, and sure enough; I saw two dogs looking back at me with soulful eyes, no doubt in my mind. Coops had left a portrait for me- her very special nose art, a little hello from Heaven.

It looks like that window is not going to be washed anytime soon.

Hey, Coops.

6 thoughts on “On the Gift of Nose Art

  1. I know the pain, that you speak of, Denise. šŸ’•
    So sweet, when we are open to those little messages, that come to us, from heaven……… no matter how much time has passed.
    I do see your two soulful dogs, looking at you, in the window. So lovely. šŸ¶šŸ¶

  2. Oh Denise! Yes, I see it! Maybe there would be a way to either, get that same, exact image on a photo or print of some sort, or even have that pane of glass somehow preserved, with other glass or plexi-glass on top of it, very carefully placed. I don’t know the mechanics of it, but there may be a way. How very, very cool! I know how difficult it was to lose Cooper so soon after Kasey, then, sweet, dear, patient, long suffering Sophie is trying to adjust to Shiva, with all her torti-quirks…it is all so heart wrenching. This little “Hello from Heaven”, is such a cathartic refresher. So welcomed, so needed, and SO deserved. Peace to you all, very dear lady.

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