Thanksgiving: A Covey of Angels

I had a dream last night, one so vivid and powerful that I woke up compelled to write down the words a covey of angels. In my dream, a colleague of mine, a very spiritual man, thanked me for sharing the phrase with him with tears in his eyes, though I don’t remember the context or why I said those specific words- or why I felt such urgency to make sure I didn’t forget them. For some reason, the idea has been jumbling about in my brain, as I tried to make sense of why the dream was so strong, why those words resonated so deeply.

The dictionary defines a covey is “a small party or flock of birds, or a small group of people or things.” The more I thought about it, the more I envisioned a group of angels surrounding me like a force field of comfort and love throughout my life. I have always had an affinity for angels, collecting statuary and other images of them, and I strongly feel the comfort of lost loved ones, my angels, with me. What a beautiful image that is on this Thanksgiving Day, of those I have lost always with me, watching over me.

There is so much to be grateful for today and every day. On this holiday dedicated to gratitude, I am going over my list of gifts; Dan, Sophie and Shiva, my home, dear family and friends, a career that I love, wonderful colleagues, my blog and the people who follow along, and the exciting new opportunities that are shining brightly ahead. I’m also thankful for the tough stuff of life, as it has taught me so many lessons and opened my heart and my mind along the way. In Karma, the idea is that there is no good or bad, there only is. Everything that happens is there to teach us something, and I am doing my best to stay open to those lessons- even the tough ones. I gain such strength knowing that my covey of angels is there to guide me along the way.

Happy Thanksgiving!

4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving: A Covey of Angels

  1. Happy Day of Givong Thanks, Denise.

    Thank you for your blog and your optimism. May you enjoy this day with your angels.


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