On Glitches, Gurgles, and Gobbles: A Thanksgiving Postscript

Part of our front yard with new sewer and drainage lines…it looks like a scene from ‘Mad Max at the Thunder Dome’.

It is pretty amazing looking back on our now fifteen Thanksgivings and (soon to be) Christmases at Chez Gainey and realizing that on four or five of those holidays, we had plumbing emergencies take place; burst pipes, broken water lines, toilets backing up…the timing (or should I say, ‘time and a half’?) couldn’t have been worse. These joyous events often happened while we were also dealing with transporting elderly mothers to and from their respective homes. Oh, and cooking large meals for groups of family and friends. At this point, we just have to laugh (after a few racking sobs) when these things happen…as they did today. On Thanksgiving. As the owners of an almost century-old house, this ain’t our first plumbing rodeo.Mr. MacKenzie never turns down a photo op…

The tell-tale sign is always the signal from my downstairs bathroom toilet that we hear from our safe vantage in the living room…Glug, glug, GLUG, GLUG! At that point, I know it’s time to run for cover or don a biohazard suit. The difference this year is having a cat already obsessed with toilets- the sound absolutely transfixes her on the toilet seat, staring down into the gurgling abyss. Another difference this year; we just had the sewer lines replaced at great expense, and even took the extra measure of having our plumber come and route out the pipes just to make sure everything was okay. It was so not okay.

Thankfully, we didn’t have any company coming over today, and we’d already planned to have dinner with our friend Wayne (the Martha Stewart of Southside- amazing cook!), his first holiday without his partner of over thirty years, John. Dan made the call to the plumber, and we cringed waiting to hear the results. Fifteen minutes and four hundred dollars later, we had flushing toilets and freely running water. Dan said we were just not going to camp in our house if at all possible. Another Chez Gainey holiday adventure! Let’s hope that Christmas is a bit less exciting- at least when it comes to the house.

Thanksgiving at Wayne’s beautiful Southside home…

Mom with Wayne and John’s dog Maggie five Thanksgivings ago…

Thanksgiving at Wayne’s is always special. The man is a specialist at down home Southern cuisine and his home is decorated with such beautiful flair. My mother loved going to Wayne and John’s for the holidays, ooh-ing and ahh-ing over everything as she pushed her walker around the house to examine each room. The Boys (as we have always called them), would then proceed to tease Mom mercilessly- and she loved every moment of it. They were the ones who dubbed Mom ‘Heavy D’, telling her she needed a ‘hood name when she moved to the city.

Sweet Ben…

Wayne and Dan, my two favorite men.

Lily Claire, full of personality.

The meal was amazing, the company fun and interesting (especially our friends’ adorable children, Lily Claire and Ben), as it always is at Wayne’s home. How blessed we are to know such good and caring people with hearts so full of generosity. Wayne is family to us.

After we helped with the big clean-up, Dan and I headed home to enjoy a quiet evening by the fire with the critters. Plumbing, schlumbing- Thanksgiving was wonderful. Yet another opportunity to count our blessings and to remind us to embrace the adventure- whatever it may be- and be grateful for each other and our life together. Life is good.

5 thoughts on “On Glitches, Gurgles, and Gobbles: A Thanksgiving Postscript

  1. I apologize for laughing. This was a delightful post and I had to smile at Mr. MacKenzie at the controls of the heavy equipment! He is living my father’s dream!! (my dad was obsessed with all earth moving equipment and with 3 daughters never got the chance to indulge – with my sons he was able to gift them with every Tonka truck and back hoe made.)

    1. Oh, I am so glad that it made you laugh- that was my hope in writing about this. 😊 Mom always said, ‘You might as well laugh as cry,’ and I so agree. Way too many things to be grateful for, so a bit of plumbing drama isn’t going to rain on our parade. Men and their toys…😜

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