At Semester’s End

The semester is drawing to it’s final demise,

As faculty and students surmise with surprise.

We’re stressed and we’re tired from papers and meetings,

Surely it’s time for some holiday greetings?

We pray as days pass that the end must be near,

To go home and gather with those we hold dear.

But first there are concerts and recitals galore,

Exams and due projects, still so much in store.

Soon though the halls will be be quiet and still,

For Christmas is coming to restore our good will.

Two weeks and three days (not that anyone’s counting),

I can already feel the excitement is mounting!

So work hard, stay focused, the days will take flight,

Then the magic will happen, Christmas joy and delight!

6 thoughts on “At Semester’s End

  1. Love this verse! It is indeed so true. I just went to son#2’s string recital last week (he graduates in May) and that was his preliminary performance. The juried performance is not until after the holidays. Then last night I went to the orchestra performance which was very good. I had to take him back to the music building after we had dinner (he can’t play if he eats first – nerves) so that he could finish his presentation for today. He had to present for 30 minutes on a Beethoven piece including performing sections to illustrate different aspects. I’m hoping he did well.

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