Mr. MacKenzie: Repairs, Acrobatics, and Magic

The Gaineys are back at UAB Highlands this morning yet again, this time at the Pain Clinic for Dan to have the first of two procedures in preparation for a nerve ablation on his neck to combat severe arthritis. We are working on some pretty impressive frequent flyer miles here at Highlands, and I do my best to find the humor in the smiles of recognition from the nurses and staff. Dan, as always, has a great attitude about it all, joking with the nurses and putting everyone around him at ease.

Nothing stops the man. Nothing. On Saturday- after teaching his early morning yoga class at the Y- he was on top of our very tall house, using the pressure washer to clean the leaves off of the roof. I stood there gripping my phone (set to call 911) white knuckled as he inched his way down the spine. He is always very careful (even though he will mug for photos), but knowing that metal roof is slippery, and seeing the two-story drop to the rocks on either side does nothing for my peace of mind. At times like these, I remind him that he is my heart, and I’ll be really angry with him if he slides to his death off of our roof over some stupid leaves. A career in Cirque du Soleil is definitely not in his future if I have anything to say about it.

Be careful where you nap at Chez Gainey…

It was challenging getting him home and into the house after the procedure thanks to our stairs and his very wobbly state. While the sedation left his mind fairly clear, it gave his body the effects of several Danhattans, the residual effects of which stayed with him throughout the day. I know that our old house is crooked, but he was walking like a drunken sailor on a ship pitching in a storm. I finally got him settled in the living room, threatening to staple his clothes to the couch to keep him still (and off of any and all ladders or roofs) while I went to work. I left Sophie in charge of guarding him and went to get Shiva for moral support, but she gave me the resting murder face, so I left her alone on the sunporch.

Resting murder face. Back away slowly…

When I came home from school in the evening, Dan was still a little wobbly but feeling much better. I figured a bit of Christmas spirit would be just the ticket for both of us after such an adventure-filled day. It certainly does the trick for me at this time of year. And, hey, at least Mr. MacKenzie was still on the couch where I’d left him, no ladders in sight. See? Christmas miracles do happen.

Me and Sophie, chillin’…

As I headed up the stairs to bed, one last glance at the Magic…

6 thoughts on “Mr. MacKenzie: Repairs, Acrobatics, and Magic

  1. Your home is so full of Christmas magic, Denise……..🎄🐕🐱⛄🎅
    The perfect place for Dan to heal, and be well.
    Thank you for sharing, and bringing smiles. 😊💕

  2. Love the decorations and the description of the “resting murder face”! I hope Mr. MacKenzie is soon recovered and that he gets some relief from the pain.

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