On Future Fur

I was so happy when Dan brought up the subject of our next dog as we were sitting in front of the fire on the sunporch. After losing Coops this past summer, I went through my usual on-line searching of the Birmingham Humane Society website, falling in love with several dogs in need of good homes. But…if I am honest, I am still grieving Coops- we both are. And- things are so busy with work and travel, and also peaceful at home right now with Shiva the Diva and our very sweet and submissive Border collie mix, Sophie. It’s just not the time…and I can’t believe I’m saying that, dog-obsessed as I am.

Sophie absolutely adored Coops and they were best buds joined at the hip…however, she is obviously enjoying being an only dog right now. She has always been focused on me from the moment we laid eyes on each other at the Greater Birmingham Humane Society- even when she was Mom’s dog- but as she has aged, she has become especially attached to me. I am thinking that she deserves this time of having my total focus being on her.

When I lost my soul dog Guinness thirteen years ago, I tried to force finding our next dog to ease my heartache. I ended up bringing in the absolute worst dog for our home and we had to re-home him (he was a great fit for the woman who adopted him). When I finally realized I needed to take time and let things happen as they were meant to….well, a little while later, a tiny black puppy ran in front of my car in the alley during terrible storm, tornado sirens wailing, and Cooper came into our lives.

Baby Coops…

Shiva and Sophie at peace…

Things are different now with Shiva here, and we have to carefully choose the next addition to our family out of respect to her and to our quality of life. We are thinking of talking with the Humane Society when we get back from our trip to Belgium this summer and asking them to help us keep an eye out for what we are looking for in a dog.

A very young Sophie at Christmas…

As we want a larger dog breed, we are thinking that adopting a puppy would be the least threatening for Shiva and less stressful for Sophie, and Dan and I would enjoy raising and training a puppy together now that he is retired. However, I am going to remain open to what the Universe has in store for us. When I have done that, the most amazing animals have come into our lives. All I know is that when we find the one, we will give it the best possible life that we can…and I have no doubt they will give it all right back to us. Animals are such a precious gift.

7 thoughts on “On Future Fur

  1. Wisdom is a precious gift, that we are given, as we age………
    Your thoughts, in this post, are the perfect example of this. 💜

  2. Ahh… the Universe has a way to provide us with what we need, when we need it. I think the love you have in your home for these beautiful animals provide them with warmth, love and companionship… and vice versa. Trust in the Universe and at some point, a furry 4 legged bundle of energy will appear and it will all fall into place. Have a beautiful holiday time with all those who make your heart sing… whether they are with you in body, or in spirit! Hugs!

  3. There is a dog out there and when the time is right you will find each other. It is wise to let Sophie be an “only dog” for awhile. Not only are you still feeling the loss but so is she!!

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