Rose Hips, Lavender, and Sunlight

My tea, drenched in rose hips,

honey and lavender,

A chilly winter morning,

Moments of solitude

before the city awakens

to the ruckus of progress…

or some imitation of it.

I cherish this time,

sacred, spiritual.

My own progress,

learning to breathe,

to pause and be.

As the fingers of sunlight

stretch into a dreamy sky,

the steam rises from my cup,

a sigh of contentment from my soul,

whispers of gratitude from my heart.

7 thoughts on “Rose Hips, Lavender, and Sunlight

  1. What a warm, comforting, inspiring visual this cojures, as well as a feeling of being enveloped in the solace. Thank you for this. 💗

  2. A wonderful reflection on starting the day! The first time I read it I read “whiskers” instead of “whispers” of gratitude from my heart! This was probably influenced by the wonderful photo of Shiva…

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