My Valentine: A Love List

On this, our fourteenth Valentine’s Day spent together, on this day dedicated to love and to lovers, I thought you should know a few things that I love about you; things that I hope you already know, but just to be sure…

– Your generosity of spirit. Thank for for always being there for me, for your friends, your students, for people in need on the street. You are a good and decent man, loved by all who know you.

-You have the most beautiful brown eyes of any person I have ever known. They are made extra beautiful because they are filled with love and kindness. You are beautiful inside and out.

– You make even the most humble things extra special. A grilled cheese sandwich becomes a gourmet experience…our whole life together has been that way.

– You are romantic. I love that you surprise me with date nights or date lunches, or surprise trips to go somewhere or do something out of the blue. You take care of every detail to make everything extra special.

-You make me feel cherished, loved, and beautiful, no matter what.

-You make me laugh, whether it be lobbing groceries at me in the grocery store, dancing down the aisle, or telling corny jokes in yoga class. Your inner child is alive and well- such a beautiful thing.

-You are always trying to better yourself, our home, and improve the quality of our lives.

-You cook like a gourmet chef and make cocktails like a top bartender.

– You challenge me to step outside of my comfort zone and stretch myself- I’ve never once regretted doing it (okay…maybe the zip-lining experience was a bit over the top…)

–I love dreaming with you about our future on the sunporch after a long day of working on our home and yard.

-I love that you are so proud of me in my career, never threatened, but instead, as proud of me as if my successes were your own (because you know they are!). A strong and confident man who has had so many successes of his own. I am so very proud of you.

-I love quiet time with you, just being together, the easiness of it all.

-I love that you hold my hand as we walk down the street.

-I love that I still get that wonderful feeling when you walk into a crowded room, just like I did when we first met.

-I love your wisdom, your calm, and your ability to see all sides of a situation.

-I love…you- everything about you. What a rare and wonderful gift true love is when it is paired with deep friendship. How fortunate we two are to have paid our dues and know the importance of doing the work to keep such s precious gift alive and well. Thank you for being my Valentine!

6 thoughts on “My Valentine: A Love List

  1. Lovely thoughts, Denise.💕
    The love, that you share with Dan, is very special, and should be celebrated…….
    Thank you for sharing. 😚

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