What do You See?

This view from our bedroom window is more than just a window looking out over the city to me; it is a portal that brings perspective, a painting that changes with the seasons and with the smallest shift in light and weather. It is a muse.

When the beauty of spring bursts into life, the view changes yet again- instead of a city view, now the green trees take over the spotlight as the city sparkles in the background.

I was looking out right before going to bed last night, thinking of the the different things I could choose to see as I looked out that window. I could choose to be sad that the city view isn’t nearly as clear with the trees blocking the view; or I could celebrate spring and the wonder of nature and rebirth. I could see darkness; or I could notice the swath of clouds that paint the sky with a blanket of white.

We can choose to focus on the darkness in our lives; it will always be there, so easy to gravitate towards. However, we can also choose to recognize that the darkness exists, but focus on the light that always makes its way through that darkness. That is the view I want to always see as I look out onto my world. What do you see?

6 thoughts on “What do You See?

  1. Beautifully written. Beautiful, thoughtful, wise perspective. Lovely ‘painting’. I enjoyed this very much. 💞

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