A Peaceful Sunday: Canine/Feline Edition

Warning: Do NOT interrupt treat time!

This one…Shiva the Diva- also known as Shiva the Destroyer, Squirt, Fancy Pants, the Evil One, and Demon Seed. The one who wreaks havoc in our household on a daily basis, making us laugh until tears come with her antics.

And then there’s this one…

My sweet old Sophie, also known as Sweet Pea, Love Bug, Sophalicious, Delray (when she does something goofy), and Bumblebee (she has a penchant for trying to catch the lazy wood bees around here). Possibly the sweetest animal I have ever known.

As I was giving them their lunchtime treat, I thought about how well our two critters coexist now. They sleep next to each other in our bed, eat meals and treats together, have gotten into Sophie’s crate together, and it doesn’t even phase Sophie when Shiva sniffs her food bowl while she’s eating. I totally attribute this success to the fact that Sophie has the patience of a saint.

Exhibit A:

Shiva lies in wait to ambush Sophie on the stairs.

Sophie just gives me the ‘Really?’ look and goes about her business. Our dog Cooper would have had Shiva for lunch after the first cat Kung fu took place. Sophie- thank God- doesn’t have an aggressive bone in her body. I mean, even I had violent thoughts about Shiva when we first brought her home and she made it a habit to attack me. Thankfully those days have passed. At least I really hope so.

Try waking up to this staring at you…it’s like living in a Hitchcock movie. Seriously.

I guess the real reason I am contemplating all of this on a peaceful Sunday morning is because I finally realized that I am ready to bring another dog into our home after losing our Coops last June.

My Coops…

Dan and I both needed time to process her sudden loss on the heels of losing our cat Kasey last April and a very dear friend who was like a brother last May. It was an emotionally tough summer, and we decided that we needed to come to grips with everything before bringing a new dog into our lives. I think that Sophie has enjoyed getting all of the attention…well, until we brought Shiva home last August.

Daddy’s girl- hands down.

Momma’s girl…

I have always adopted mature dogs…well, Sophie was seven months old when we brought her home and Coops was a surprise gift, a tiny puppy dropped off in our alley. Dan and I have thought long and hard these past months, and we feel a puppy may be the best option for both Sophie and Shiva’s comfort level. I would like a larger breed, I think, a dog that can go running and hiking with me, one that has a gentle and easy-going nature and plays well with others. We are open to what the Universe has in store for us, and we will know when we find the right one. The problem with me is that I fall in love with them all. Someday I will happily be the crazy old dog lady- Like a cat lady but way cooler.

I went on the Greater Birmingham Humane Society’s website and also Petfinder just to look. Dan really wants us to wait until after my conference in Belgium this summer…we’ll see. So many dogs that need loving homes. My heart tugged as each dog scrolled by. Their eyes get me every single time.

I love Dobermans, German Shepherds, Great Pyrenees, border collies, Labs, Huskies, mutts…I just love dogs, period. It breaks my heart to think of all these animals needing help. The senior dogs leave me especially teary-eyed. I have to be careful though and make sure that the dog we ultimately have join our family is the best choice for all of us, two and four-legged alike. This is a lifetime commitment for us, so we need to choose wisely.

For now I will focus on sweet Sophie and crazy Shiva. It’s good to know, though, that our hearts are healing and open to the wonderful excitement and chaos of bringing another dog into our home and into our hearts.

Thank you, Coops.

8 thoughts on “A Peaceful Sunday: Canine/Feline Edition

  1. Yay! Can’t wait to hear about your next adventure! 😃
    So happy to hear your hearts are healing, Denise………💕

  2. My husband wants to get another dog but I’m not ready. I suppose if the right dog came along I’d say yes but I haven’t looked – on purpose! I know you will find the best fit…

    1. You are right to wait until you are both ready. I tried to force it after my soul dog Guinness died, and brought the absolute worst dog for us into our home. It was so stressful for all is us, and we ended up having to re-home him (he did great in his new home, thankfully).

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