The Shiva Chronicles: A Bromance at Chez Gainey

Let sleeping demons lie…

So much has changed for us since I last wrote about life with our crazy Tortie Shiva, namely this:

Marley came into our lives just over two weeks ago, a gentle giant from Two by Two Rescue. We had no idea how it would all turn out, but my gut told me she was the perfect fit for our family. We had searched carefully for a dog that had a gentle nature and wasn’t interested in cats, and Marley came highly recommended by her foster mom. Now, how would Shiva take the new addition?

Shiva has come a long way in the eight months that she has been with us. We started out wondering if we’d even be able to keep her after she exhibited some very aggressive behavior toward me, but time and patience softened her rough edges and we learned what it means to live with a Tortoiseshell and to understand and appreciate her unique personality. While she is still crazy and zany and totally Tortie, she has grown into a softer Shiva…at least part of the time.

Sweet Sophie has suffered the most, as Shiva became Hall Patrol around her, chasing her up the stairs, hiding around corners waiting to pounce on her with a bap on the backside as Sophie walked by. No claws were used and there was no real aggression; it just seemed to be Shiva’s version of ‘I love you’. Or maybe rather, ‘I rule you’.

Amazingly, the addition of Marley has brought with it a huge shift in the dynamics of our home. Shiva is obsessed with Marley, following her, wanting to be near her. She has stopped tormenting sweet Sophie and has become one of the pack of three (what I now call ‘The Thundering Herd’ or ‘The Miscreants’).

I hoped for peace, but never thought I’d see all three animals eating together peacefully at each mealtime. Shiva insists on having treats as the dogs are fed, talking agitatedly to us until we comply. I never thought I’d see my little pack sleeping together and waiting to greet us as we come through the door. And I certainly never thought I’d see this:

Marley is no doubt some sort of magical dog who has charmed Shiva. Whatever has happened, we will gladly take it, welcoming this bromance and a period of loving calm from our sweet(ish) little demon seed.

Resting murder face…

6 thoughts on “The Shiva Chronicles: A Bromance at Chez Gainey

  1. Oh, Denise, this is truly a sweet outcome, for all of you…….πŸ’•
    Your pictures are amazing, and tell the tail (tale), so perfectly! 😊
    Thank you for sharing.πŸ’š

  2. Hahahaha! Resting murder face totally cracked me up! I’m glad that Shiva is fixated on Marley and Sophie has a reprieve. Love that they are getting along so well!! You made the right choice!

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