I think upon my life,

Its deep valleys and tall summits;

I think of the moments I cowered in fear

and the moments I triumphed in bright bursts of hopeful courage;

Of the times I took what I thought I’d been dealt

and the moments I realized I was worth more;

Of times when I lived my purpose and then those when I struggled to find meaning.

I think upon the sorrow and the rage and the peace and the joy,

of the tenderness and the kindness and the love,

and I weep with gratitude for it all,

for this life that flashes by at lightning speed, illuminated with beauty and grace.

The road often cracked and broken,

Forks around each bend,

Doors to open or close, to regret or rejoice, or just to be.

I think upon my life, of the battle scars etched onto my heart,

of the hard-won peace and the happiness I have paid for so dearly,

and I drop to my knees,

a silent prayer of gratitude on my lips,

a universe filled with hope wrapped around me.

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