On Staycations, Spirit Dogs, and Pesto

Dan and I have been desperate to get away to our favorite beach on the Florida Panhandle even for just a couple of days, just to put our toes in the sand and reconnect with the ocean- always restorative for us. Our trip to Belgium was wonderful, but it was mostly work, and the travel part of it- and the resulting jet lag- left us stressed and exhausted. Nope, we need the peace of the two of us under a beach umbrella, staring at the waves crashing, with no agenda other than to just be.

Of course the problem is that it is fall; the busy new semester has started and our AirBnB that Dan runs stays booked constantly (that’s the top deck view from the AirBnB, by the way…which is part of why it is so popular). We need to find a way to re-charge for the long haul to Thanksgiving break. So- what do we do for a much-needed de-stress during this holiday weekend? Staycation!

Marley taking in the view from the top deck…

We decided to enjoy our home in a way that we don’t often do- as our guests might, instead of the dawn to dusk work that we typically do around the house and yard when we have ‘free’ time. Don’t get me wrong- working on our home is our joy and our hobby, but sometimes you need to just stop and rest without a to-do list rattling around your head.Sweet old Sophie catching some sun…

There is a certain special joy to be found in opening your eyes to the gifts that your home has to offer, not just an appreciation felt through the filter of busy every day lives. We call our home ‘the home that love built’ and that feeling pervades every bit of this 1920 home on a hill. To me it is a sanctuary; cozy and peaceful, a place of total acceptance, a place of laughter and friendship- crooked floors and roof and all.

I began the holiday by taking the girls for an extra-long walk around the neighborhood. I changed it up a bit, walking the route that I walked with our last two dogs. Every time I pass the paw prints embedded in the sidewalk I smile thinking of those great dogs walking along with us in spirit. Even a quick trip to the grocery store is more fun with dawgs.

We relaxed, napped a bit- a rare delight. We ran a few errands and came home to prepare a special dinner, pasta with fresh pesto made from basil right out of our herb garden. Dan, of course, did the cooking, thankfully. It was delicious! So was the Vesper that Dan made as a pre-dinner cocktail.

We stayed in our own AirBnB and so enjoyed the gorgeous nighttime view and the peace of the waning summer night. Great conversation and lots of gratitude.

We took a drive out in the country after homemade blueberry pancakes, and the day was absolutely gorgeous.

By the end of the holiday weekend, we both were feeling a bit less stressed, a bit more positive about the busy weeks ahead. I never mind hard work; I just need an occasional escape to recharge my batteries. How grateful I am that we were able to find that spirit-medicinal effect in our own home and city. A wonderful reminder to appreciate home and what it means to us.

12 thoughts on “On Staycations, Spirit Dogs, and Pesto

  1. What a delightful stay-cation! I love the photos and the food looked delicious. The photo of you two driving in a convertible with the sun on your faces – frame that one!!

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