Mission Possible

What if we made it our mission in life to uplift and encourage instead of denigrate and ridicule? To look for the positives instead of seeking fault? What if we held onto hope instead of fear and saw our differences as our strengths instead of our division, holding hands instead of choosing sides? What if love filled our hearts and opened our eyes to see each other as the wonderful, complex, and very human human beings we all are? What if we chose to lift each other up, knowing that when one of us is cut, we all bleed?

Maybe it’s a pipe dream, maybe I am a naive Pollyanna, but what a world we would share if we would only try.

It’s time for a Mission Possible.

6 thoughts on “Mission Possible

      1. The meeting went great ! So positive , so collaborative , and I feel we really did build each other up! Reading your post in the morning helped me so much in setting and keeping my intention ! I was pleased to see how the positive mood became established throughout the group !

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